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5 Best LED TVs in Pakistan

LED Tvs Prices in pakistan

Buying a new LED TV is an extremely confusing task. There are just too many choices and one can easily get perplexed as to which one to buy. LED prices in Pakistan vary from PKR 40,000 and go up to lakhs of Rupees. So how do you decide which one is best for you? We have composed a list of some of the best LED TVs of 2015 available in Pakistan to help you make the decision easier.

  1. Sony KD-75X9405C

This is a 75-inch Freeview HD TV with sensational picture quality and gorgeous colors. With a dynamic sound system and spectacular audio quality, the Sony KD-75X9405C has a gorgeous glassy finish that’s a treat to the eye. This new Sony LED model is definitely the best choice if you’re looking for a high-end TV for your house. It also supports 3D graphics, so you can watch 3D movies on this TV with your friends and family. This gigantic TV has a pretty high price tag of PKR 9,32,000.

  1. Panasonic TX-50CS520:

This is a 50-inch Smart TV with multimedia playback, USB port, full HD resolution and edge LED lighting. Known as one of the most affordable TVs that offer full HD native resolution, the Panasonic TX-50CS520 has a great picture quality that is sure to make your viewing experience spectacular. Moreover, the sound system of this TV is also amazing. You are sure to enjoy your TV experience with this model. You can buy this TV in Pakistan for PKR 7,8459.

  1. Toshiba 40L3453DB:

This is also a full HD resolution LED TV with a 40-inch screen size, wi-fi/LAN network, multimedia playback via USB and cloud TV smart platform. This Toshiba model is fit to compete with high-end LED TVs when it comes to picture quality, although its audio quality is less dynamic when compared to other high-end models. The Toshiba 40L3453DB comes at a price of PKR 6,2887, which is not as heavy on the pocket as most high-end TVs in the market.

  1. Samsung UE32H6400:

This is an LED Smart TV with a 32-inch screen size and freeview HD resolution. This Samsung model features a fast user interface and amazing picture quality. The only con of this model is its lack of 3D specifications and lesser sound quality. However, it comes at the affordable price of PKR 5,8013, so you can easily afford this TV even with budget constraints.

  1. LG LB5820:

This is a 47-inch Smart LED TV by LG that features full HD resolution and built-in wi-fi. It can also be operated though an Android smartphone. The picture and sound quality of this LG model are spectacular, offering the best value for the price. If you’re looking for a good quality TV with a comparatively lower price tag, this is the one to buy as it can be purchased in Pakistan for PKR 60,000.


Are you a huge TV buff? If yes, which one out of the list above do you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jarrar Amjad

    loving this :) , any clue where to buy the Panasonic one ?

  • Azeem Khan

    Now days people are buying EchoStar LEDs.