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5 Items Every Man Must Have in His Wardrobe

men's fashion in pakistan

If you’ve been wearing the same clothes your mom bought you five years ago, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. Get ready to stock up on some essential men’s fashion items every man must have in his closet. Here’s the list of necessities you must buy right away in order to style up your wardrobe:

Straight leg pants:

If you’re not into the super-tight skinny jeans fad, you should consider buying straight leg pants. They’re designed to make you look stylish and elegant, without squeezing your legs so tight that it’s difficult to walk. Straight let pants are a great alternative to the skinny hipster version, so you’re sure to look great in them.

White T-Shirt:

We know it’s tempting to buy those cheap colorful t-shirts you can easily find in unknown stores, but as an adult, investing in a good quality white t-shirt will make a major difference in your style. You’ll also love the feel and fit of a good quality t-shirt and this will make you appear more confident. Spice them up with some good old blue jeans and you’re sure to look like a stud.

Trench Coat:

You must prepare your closet for rainy days. Purchasing a nice trench coat will truly add style to your winters. Don’t buy a long Sherlock Holmes style one that falls below the knee. Stick to the more contemporary shorter cut. Try a khaki, navy or black colored coat and leave the browns for your grandpa.

Gray Sweatshirt:

Every man must own at least one gray colored sweatshirt. It is a true mark of a stylish man to look great even in casual attire. However, many men fall prey to sloppy hoodies when lounging around the house. Ditch those baggy outfits and invest in a nice gray crew-neck sweatshirt. They’re not only comfortable but also fashionable.

Colored Sneakers:

If you have a 9 to 5 job, it must get boring sitting in office all day long, wearing grays, browns and blacks. So why not have some fun while running or at the gym? Invest in a nice pair of colored sneakers for your exercise time and add color to a dull day.


What do you think of our style guide for men’s fashion? Let us know in the comments.

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