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5 Ways to Make Chand Raat Exciting

chaand raat in pakistan

Chaand Raat is associated with an inherent feeling of joy and excitement among people in Pakistan. Traffic starts to boom right after Iftari on the last day of Ramadan and remains active all night. People enjoy gatherings by going out and shopping with friends and family. Some women can be seen doing last minute Eid Shopping while others are simply there for window shopping.

The media also plays a big role in making people aware of Chaand Raat celebrations throughout the nation. Popular channels host Eid and Chaand Raat related shows with celebrities. The Pakistani media makes sure to emphasize the festivities of the event. Moreover, shopping malls and stores give exciting discounts and packages especially designed for Chaand Raat.

Some people like to complete their Eid shopping before Chaand Raat so they could enjoy visiting malls without the stress of shopping and to have mehndi applied on their hands. However, some people enjoy getting gifts for their loved ones for Eid and can be seen shopping for clothes, shoes, toys and accessories.

Chaand Raat is an occasion that gives us a reason to cool off and relish some free time with family and friends. If you’re trying to come up with ideas on how to spend this occasion, here are 5 exciting ways to make the most of Chaand Raat:

  1. “Shop till you drop” is one of the many expressions we Pakistanis have taken pretty seriously. People see Chaand Raat shopping as an escape from boring routines and enjoys every bit of this night and make the most of it. So this is one of the best ways you can enjoy this occasion with your friends or family.
  1. Chaand Raat without mehndi application is not complete. Round up a bunch of your cousins or friends and hang out by applying mehndi on each other’s hands. This is one of the most pleasant ways of spending this special occasion. But before that, see if those pretty bangles, shoes and bags match your outfit for Eid.
  1. Go for a Chaand Raat dine-out late at night, after digesting that heavy iftari. What could be better to celebrate Eid than a delicious meal in your favorite restaurant?
  1. Boys, light up some fire crackers on your street and bring out your fun side. Everyone should try this once in their lifetime. Some people may frown upon it, but this is how desi guys celebrate special occasions.
  1. Call your loved ones to wish them joys for Chaand Raat, refresh old memories, giggle over inside funny jokes and make plans for overnight stays at your friends or cousins’ places to share this fun night together.
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  • Zahid Qamar

    shitt. I have night duty at chandnight. My heart is weeping.