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A Comparison of Different Samsung Models and Their Prices in Pakistan

samsung prices in pakistan

Recent years have transformed how people view Samsung as a mobile brand. Ever since Samsung android phones first launched, the entire shape of the mobile market has changed worldwide. However, just having a good software isn’t enough to sell phones; they have to appeal to the various customers in their target market. This is where Samsung excelled where others failed, providing phones that ranged from the expensive to the cheap; covering a target market including both the poor and the rich. One of these markets where the cheaper phones have been particularly more successful is that of Pakistan.

Pakistan isn’t exactly what one could call the land of the rich. Majority of the people living here cannot afford pricy flagship phones with top notch features. Here is where Samsung comes in, providing cheap and feature -rich phones that do well for everyday tasks of the individual. Now that certainly doesn’t mean that those of us who can actually afford more expensive phones would be left in the dust, as Samsung lives up to its reputation of providing the best of what it has to offer. Here is a list of Samsung Mobile Prices in Pakistan and their comparisons:

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6(Edge):

Priced at Rs.69,999 and Rs.89,999 respectively, the Galaxy S6 and S6 (Edge) are simply the best Samsung has to offer in the mobile world right now. With snappy processors, excellent resolution and amazing camera quality, these two easily make it to the top of the mobile chain. However, with the given prices, these are not phones what a typical Pakistani could afford.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Priced at Rs.69999, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the older brother of the S6. Although not as powerful, it makes up for its lack of power in terms of screen size. At a whopping 5.7’’, it is a beast in the phablet division of the mobile world. However, this model too is pricey and such a huge phone does not appeal to those who are used to small palm-sized phones.

Samsung Galaxy A series:

The Galaxy A3, A5, A7 are priced at Rs.29999, Rs.39999, and Rs.49999 respectively and are mid range smartphones from Samsung. Though they have a premium design with a metal uni body, these phones lack the power and resolution that other phones within the same price range do wonders with. Hence, they are more suitable to those who prefer looks over everything else.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime:

This phone has caught the attention of many people in the Pakistani market, currently being dubbed by Samsung as ‘the best selling smartphone in the country.’ Unsurprisingly, it also comes with a menial Rs.19,999 price tag. Not only being cheap, but feature rich, this is certainly one of the phones that should be considered if you want a decent smartphone but want to keep the price tag to a minimum.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and Core 2:

These are priced at Rs.14,999 and Rs.13,999 respectively. Although these models aren’t feature-rich and will soon begin to lag once the phone has been used for some time, they will get the job done at the price point.


These are some of the more popular phones Samsung is selling these days in Pakistan. Samsung is popular in this country mainly because it provides something for everyone. So what if you’re poor? Doesn’t mean you can’t have the basic features that a smartphone has to offer. By pricing and providing phones with respect to everyone’s needs and requirements, Samsung has really made a place for itself in the mobile world.

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