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Are Teenagers ahead in Smartphones?


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The world today, in every respect, was undoubtedly not the same some twenty-five or thirty years back. Things were extremely different, and there was hardly any concept of vehicles, and TVs and computers and phones. These things were thought more of elite class elegance than necessary stuff. General people were not even really interested in technology and advancements in it, and were happy with radios, VCRs and cassettes. Yes, I agree they are still the best inventions ever, as they were a breakthrough in the history of technology and provided us with ways to develop better things and assisted in other means too, but one has to accept the fact that these things are obsolete, and manufacturers have much more to offer, and I say much more. TVs are replaced with LED display units, games with motion sensing games, radios with media players, and phones with Smartphones.

With these amazing progress and developments in the field of technology, new kids got familiar with new things at a relatively faster rate than old people. Elders physically lived in a better world, but their minds never came out of the cassette and radio era. However, on the other hand, younger kids never saw that old stuff and were directly introduced to TVs and mobiles. That practice and has been pursued since then, and today, when even simple phones are almost obsolete due to the introduction of Smartphones, elder people seem to be quite reluctant to them and youngsters do not even think twice before going to the market and buying one. This is the same practice which you see when a mom tells proudly that her 3 year old son has start operating the laptop while she herself is unable to do that.

Talking about this Smartphone era, there is countless amounts of people who are buying Smartphones, and they should. This is because of the way in which Smartphones ease your life and save your time, manage your stuff, reminds you at times of something you forget, and most importantly, suggest you better ways of doing something or give you solutions when you are in problems. Smartphones are more of genius companions rather than just phones, which make the best of even your leisure time by providing you with amazing applications and games. Why would not you buy it?

However, the whole world of advantage these Smartphones gives has mostly been availed by youngsters, who are ready to give a fair try to every new product. Recently, there have been announcements for at least 5 new Smartphones, 3 of them belonging to Motorola-plus-Google and 2 of Nokia. 7th model, Apple’s iPhone 5 is on the verge of releasing. All the models are experiencing popularity amongst teenagers. Despite the fact that there has been an increment of 15% in the people of age 25-35 owning Smartphones, teenagers still lead them with being the age group that has the highest popularity of Smartphones in it. This is not what I say, but what the results of a recent survey exhibit. All the manufacturers out there make sure your next models have much more things to offer to this young age group rather than to others. These apparently young people are developing you, and hence can bring you down, as well.

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