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Buy a Smartphone instead of a car

blog image 5octAlthough the invention and concept of a cellular phone is not at all any younger than 1973, it was after 1994 that people started using them in a quite different way. Yes, it was just 21 years that the concept of a simple, feature phone lasted; however, people still use them. These simple feature phones, which only gave the opportunity to call and send a message, at least gave the basic idea through which there is a nearly a revolution in today’s world. After feature phones, manufacturers at least knew that how to make a phone; they now just had to find out ways to manufacture improved phones. Hence, in 1994, the first phone which was given the term of a Smartphone was established.

Smartphones, for those who are interested in spotting differences, have no clear line of difference between them and feature phones. I might include the feature of a camera in smartphone features, while you may regard it as something common. So it is all up to you. However, one thing that is clear to be present in Smartphones only is the API, application programming interfaces. Applications, more commonly known as apps, are those very things which have altered our lives by every means. Available in the market are countless apps, and you may get at least of one application for anything you can think of. From music, dance, art, and photography to facts, knowledge, education, technology, fitness and whatever, there are applications for every good thing.

It is due to these applications that Smartphones are now no less than a computer system or a laptop, and have almost replaced them as Smartphones are a little cheaper than laptops, as well. Replacing laptops is quite acceptable though. Smartphones are substituting other machines we use too, which is fairly unbelievable. Joe Kraus, partner of Google Ventures, has made a really surprising prediction. In Kraus’s opinion, the Smartphones will now limit or almost finish the use of cars by a normal, suburban family. It is quite tough to believe this right now, according to him, but still he sees this coming utterly soon. This is not because Smartphones now will have an option to convert into a car or something, but because they will transform the way we travel. Instead of buying a car, one would now get a dropdown menu through some applications which will suggest him the nearest transportation option. With the unexpected increment in the car-ordering and car-sharing services in recent years, Kraus does not accept that people will not use their heads and use a car instead of a Smartphone and some simple application which would not even cost a dollar I suppose. Did not I tell you, applications have altered the way we live?

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