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Smart cards for the vehicles going to replace registration book in Pakistan

We all used to have a car’s registration books, a paper book that everyone has to keep with him in case he possess a motor car. The Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad have come up with a unique idea as they have introduced the

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12 oct blog

Smartphone with a blessing on vehicles

  Feature phones now are pretty obsolete by now. In my opinion, there would be no individual who owns a normal, usual feature phone only, and no Smartphone. Yes, you must be quite familiar with this word, but have you ever wondered why this new

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Are Teenagers ahead in Smartphones?

    The world today, in every respect, was undoubtedly not the same some twenty-five or thirty years back. Things were extremely different, and there was hardly any concept of vehicles, and TVs and computers and phones. These things were thought more of elite class

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Buy a Smartphone instead of a car

Although the invention and concept of a cellular phone is not at all any younger than 1973, it was after 1994 that people started using them in a quite different way. Yes, it was just 21 years that the concept of a simple, feature phone

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iPhone’s Latest Release: iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

The long wait is finally over. Apple just launched their much-awaited iPhone 6s along with its bigger brother, the iPhone 6s Plus. These models offer a lot of improvements from the previous one and are available in rose gold color. The new models offer various

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HTC Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

A Guide for Buying HTC Mobiles in Pakistan

HTC has gradually become one of the most successful mobile phone companies in Pakistan. HTC is the brand that should be credited for bringing the android technology to the mobile phone industry of Pakistan. Android technology has become extremely popular over the years and have

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qmobile prices in pakistan

QMobile: Most Popular Models

Released in 2009 by Zeeshan Pervaiz Akhtar, QMobile has quickly grown to become one of the most successful mobile phone companies in Pakistan. Their main selling point is that they offer cell phones at affordable price ranges without compromising quality. QMobile price in Pakistan is

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one plus 2

OnePlus 2: Now Released

In 2014, China surprised the world by introducing a high quality Android cell phone called OnePlus. It soon went on to become one of the most popular off-contract smartphones in the world. The best part was the price, as the phone could be bought for

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samsung prices in pakistan

A Comparison of Different Samsung Models and Their Prices in Pakistan

Recent years have transformed how people view Samsung as a mobile brand. Ever since Samsung android phones first launched, the entire shape of the mobile market has changed worldwide. However, just having a good software isn’t enough to sell phones; they have to appeal to

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nokia mobile prices in pakistan

Top 5 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles and Their Comparison

Nokia is one of the oldest and most popular mobile phone brands in the world and are known to be the pioneers of the mobile industry in Pakistan. Initially, the company manufactured bar phones and feature phones and gradually gained a lot of popularity from

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