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5 Best Hyper Cars You Never Heard About

I have never met anyone in my life who is not interested in sports cars. Everyone has a dream car and wishes to have that car in a real life. Technology has made things possible. A decade ago, few cars were just in imaginations but now technology converted those imaginations into reality. This is an era of hypercars.

Let me define Hypercars for you first. They are next Generation of sports cars having enormous price tags and immense power along with unbelievable features that no car from any category can match them.

We are all familiar with famous hypercars, which includes McLaren P1, Bugatti Veyron, 918 Spyder from Porsche, and Reventon from Lamborghini. But let’s have a look at those cars, which have similar features to these famous hyper cars.

Let’s have a look at 5 best hypercars in the world; you guys are not familiar with.

5. KOENIGSEGG ONE: $2,500,00

It’s named as world’s first mega car, which turned dreamed equation of 1 bhp/1kg ratio into reality. This car has a top speed of more than 440 km/h. From dimensions to an engine; everything in this car is matchless.

4. LYKAN HYPERSPORT: $3.4 Million

I personally never knew this car existed before watching it in fast and furious 7 where even Late Paul walker wondered about the existence of this car. This car is made in Lebanon and is powered by a dual turbo flat six 3.7-litre with 740 bhp and 960 nm. The car is claimed to have a 0-62 mph time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 386 km/h.

There are only 7 of these in the outside world.

3. ZENVO ST1: around $1,000,000

Denmark’s beauty is not less than any other hypercar in the world. It has 6.8 v8 supercharged and turbo-charged engine under the hood producing the power of 1104 hp and 1430 nm. From 0 to 100km/h, it takes only 3sec. One more thing, its interior will make you fall in love with this beauty.


This beast belongs to Morocco. It is built on Corvette C6 Chassis with a couple of moderations in the body and under the hood. Most of the body work is being done by carbon fibre and has a turbocharger added with the V8 engine from the C6. Dual fuel tanks are installed in this beauty.

1. DEVEL SIXTEEN (Price not Announced)

It claims to be world’s no 1 hyper sports car and it belongs to a Middle Eastern state  of Dubai. It has Quad-Turbo 7.2 liter V16. It takes 1.8 secs from 0 to 62 Km/h and its top speed is 560Km/h. Exterior of this car is similar with Egoista, but I have never seen such artistic and futuristic interior in any car.


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