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OnePlus 2: Now Released

one plus 2

In 2014, China surprised the world by introducing a high quality Android cell phone called OnePlus. It soon went on to become one of the most popular off-contract smartphones in the world. The best part was the price, as the phone could be bought for a measly $300. Now, it seems like the good news is about to continue. Behold: OnePlus 2 is now available in the market.

The newer version has seen many improvements. It has a 4 GB RAM, up to 64 GB of storage capacity, laser focusing, optical image stabilization, a 13 megapixel OmniVision camera, a 5.5 inch 1080p display, fingerprint reader, two nano SIMS and 8 core Snapdragon 810 processor. And all that for just $330! The price is only slightly higher than the older version and yet, the OnePlus 2 has undergone massive enhancements.


The best part about this smartphone is the quality, which was completely unexpected from a Chinese company. The phone is built from high quality materials and can be easily compared to the likes of Samsung, LG and even iPhone.

One drawback in the older version of the OnePlus was that it was made of plastic. The OnePlus 2 however, is made completely from metal, which gives the phone an elegant and professional look. The phone also comes with optional rear covers, which can be bought for an additional $27. Options include Kevlar or real wood (black apricot, rosewood and bamboo).

The screen is one of the most important features of a phone. The original OnePlus did not support a particularly impressive screen, but the new version features a much brighter LCD display, going up to 600 nits of brightness, even more than the iPhone 6 Plus.

one plus 2 launch

What’s a smartphone without a good camera? The new OnePlus 2 features an amazing 13 megapixel camera that takes clear and bright pictures. The older version also offered the same number of megapixels, but the new camera is still much better and takes better pictures.

The final verdict? Despite the fact that larger brands such as Samsung and Apple definitely take the cake when it comes to smartphones, the OnePlus 2 is definitely a force to be reckoned with. At $330, what more could you ask? The phone might not have some of the fancier features of larger brands, but at its price, it’s one of the best smartphones you can buy in the market.

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