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HTC Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

A Guide for Buying HTC Mobiles in Pakistan

HTC has gradually become one of the most successful mobile phone companies in Pakistan. HTC is the brand that should be credited for bringing the android technology to the mobile phone industry of Pakistan. Android technology has become extremely popular over the years and have

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home tutors in pakistan

A Guide to Finding Reliable Home Tutors for Your Child

Studies these days are getting tougher by the day and children often require outside help with difficult subjects such as Math, Chemistry, and Physics etc. Because of this, parents are always on the lookout for good home tutors to help their children do better at

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5 guitar chords for starters

5 Easy Guitar Chords for Beginners

Learning to play guitar can be exciting. If you’re a beginner, there are some basic guitar chords you can learn on your own, without investing in expensive guitar lessons. These are known as open string chords, because all of them contain at least 1 open

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house for sale in pakistan

5 tips for Buying a House in Pakistan

Deciding to buy new property is one of the best feeling ever, but it can also cause some anxiety and stress. Don’t let yourself strain. Decisions related to Real Estate don’t have to be so nerve-wracking. If you plan from day one, looking for property

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tips to find jobs in pakistan

Fresh-Graduates: 9 Tips to Find Your First Job

So, you’ve finally decided to work. Either you’ve realized that you must start thinking about your career or you’re just fed up of taking pocket money from parents. Whatever your reason is of deciding to look for a job, this article will guide you to

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jobs in lahore

5 Ways to Find the Best Jobs in Lahore

Looking for a job is no easy task. You must first update your resume and cover letter, polish your interview skills and set out on a hunt to find a job that not only pays well but also falls within the sphere of your expertise.

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bedroom for kids in pakistan

7 Low-Cost Ways to Decorate Your Kids’ Bedroom

Looking for ideas on how to decorate your kids’ bedroom? There are many inexpensive ways to add some fun into your children’s room without spending a ton of money. We’ve got 10 tips that you can follow to make your child’s bedroom more fun, colorful

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qmobile prices in pakistan

QMobile: Most Popular Models

Released in 2009 by Zeeshan Pervaiz Akhtar, QMobile has quickly grown to become one of the most successful mobile phone companies in Pakistan. Their main selling point is that they offer cell phones at affordable price ranges without compromising quality. QMobile price in Pakistan is

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one plus 2

OnePlus 2: Now Released

In 2014, China surprised the world by introducing a high quality Android cell phone called OnePlus. It soon went on to become one of the most popular off-contract smartphones in the world. The best part was the price, as the phone could be bought for

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summer skin tips

Get Summer Skin with These Natural Remedies

Your skin is exposed to dirt, dust and sunlight all throughout summer. If you don’t take care of it, it can start to look dull, dark and uneven. If you’re looking to add some glow to your skin this summer, try these five easy and

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