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Purchasing a Used Smartphone Without Getting Nailed:


When you purchase a used smartphones, you are saving some money but it contains some risks. For example, the first thing that comes in mind, is it stolen? Its warranty is expired or not.  We have come with some tips that can help you in purchasing  a smartphone that is already in use or is not brand new.

Explore the Right Pricing of the Phones:

Why do we buy a used smartphone? It is because we want to save some money. So, it’s very important that you are well aware of the current market price of the smartphone you are going to buy. The best thing to do in this scenario is to look how many people are selling that model of the phone and at what cost. You can do so by visiting some online websites like bechoonline or you can also physically visit the stores and look out for the market pricing. Following points should be considered:

  1. Try to explore as many options as you can. It will give you a better idea of the average price.
  2. Always look for unlocked phones as locked phones are relatively less expensive.
  3. Used smartphones have different conditions and specs so you will have to read the description on each link if you are exploring them on online platforms like
  4. You should also look for the pricing of the brand new phone with same specs and same model. It will give you an idea about the cost of a phone that is 6 months or 1-year-old.
  5. While estimating the price, consider if the used phone have all the required accessories with it, or not. If some or all of the accessories are damaged or lost then assess the costs of buying those accessories too.

Where should you buy a used smartphone?

Buying a used smartphone is extremely easy. You just need to browse bechoonline, and when you go into the categories of mobiles and tablets, you will find a whole list of smartphones. You can search for a particular model in the search bar. You can apply the various filter to customize your research. Corresponding to each ad you will find the contact details of the advertisers. Contact him after reading the description of the product. You can ask him for further negotiations or specs of the phone.

Meeting in Person:

I will strongly recommend meeting in person with the seller after you have decided to buy a smartphone through a particular ad. Firstly, it will give you a chance to physically feel the product. Secondly, it will give you a more open chance to negotiate the pricing. You can have a look at all the available accessories and warranty card.

Smartphone Inspection:

3When you meet the seller, it is recommended that you carry a few gadgets with you such as:

  • A compatible charging cable
  • A sim card compatible with that model oh phone that may be micro-sim or nano-sim.
  • A microSD card (if that model has the slot for it)
  • Headphones (that can fit into the headset slot of that particular model)
  • Laptop (if you can carry)

2You should take following tests on the seller smartphones:

  1. Physical inspection is very important. Look for scratches on the body,front screen and on the camera-lens. Look if the battery is intact or not.
  2. Any slot that can be opened, you should open it. It may be a sim slot or microSD slot. You should test them by opening them.
  3. You should test all ports of the phones. The charging port should be checked and use your own charging cable too. Check the headset port and listen to the audio if it’s working fine or not. If you have the laptop then test if it’s charging through it.
  4. Check if the phone is unlocked by inserting a sim from your carrier. Take some time to make calls, texts and enjoy some time to do browsing the websites you like the most.
  5. Feel free to listen to the music on that phone. Test its speaker and make some photos to test its camera.
  6. Finally, you should run the service code test that can help you check if different parts of the phones are working fine or not. Each smartphone model has its own service code. You should do some online research to find the service code for that particular model and test it through that code.


If you are satisfied with the testing phase, then here comes the final negotiation phase. You should give it a chance and try to negotiate as much as you can. Try to look for some reduction in pricing. If a deal is made, say Good-Bye and leave the seller on good terms and enjoy using and exploring your new smartphones. Live Smart with Smart Phones.

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