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Smart cards for the vehicles going to replace registration book in Pakistan

3 smartWe all used to have a car’s registration books, a paper book that everyone has to keep with him in case he possess a motor car. The Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad have come up with a unique idea as they have introduced the technology. All new registrants will be issued with the smart-cards. These smart cards will have an electronic chip on them and according to the authorities, this type of security measure has been introduced first time in the Pakistan that involves the electronic cards for the vehicles too.

National Database and Registration Authority has teamed-up with the Taxation Department for this project. Deputy Commissioner Mujahid Sherdil put forward the proposition to introduce such smart cards in January 2015. Department took 10 months to introduce this technology to the masses and it’s now live.

If you have ever come across the smart CNIC cards, you can realize that smart CNIC card has an electronic chip that contains all the related history etc. Similarly, smart-cards for the vehicles will contain all sort of owner history and all related information.  All this information is stored in the chip installed on the card. Limited information about the owner and vehicle is also displayed on the card.

1 samrt card 2 samrtcard

Owners of the vehicles, already possessing a registration book will have to pay PKR 1450/- in order to get that smart-card. And if you are done with the tokens, a sticker will be issued that you can exhibit on the windscreen of the car. This token will have an information of the expiry date and registration number of the vehicle.

The system will serve the purposes like:

  1. Illegal cars on the roads can be found
  2. Vehicles with bogus papers can be detained
  3. Stolen vehicles can be identified


If you lose the card then that card can be blocked through a formal report just as you do with the CNIC or sim card. This introduction of technology should be valued as it will aid the law enforcement agencies and will also ensure the security of the legal cars.

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