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The Importance of Education in Pakistan

education in pakistan

No matter how much you hate waking up early for school or studying til late in the night for those assessments and surprise tests, we all know that education is very important. That’s not to say that an uneducated man has no chance of being successful or an educated man will surely do batter in life.  Special cases are always there, however we all agree that an educated person gets better chances in life. It is more challenging for them to become prosperous as compared to someone uneducated. In addition to prosperity and economic success, there are many other causes why education is a necessity in today’s world.

Education not only cleanses the mind from dislike and intolerance, it also keep you motivated to pursue your goals and aims that are often the first thing to dissolve in the cycle of poverty.

Education provides you with a better understanding of the world you live in and your surroundings. In a world of ever changing concepts and beliefs, it’s better to be educated to understand these changes than to get lost in a hybrid of misunderstandings.

Pakistan is with a population of nearly 200 million people, of whom almost one-fourth, or 52 million, are between the ages of 5 and 16. Pakistan’s fundamental principles should commit all of these children a mandatory and free education. While demographics for this age group are hard to come by, the number of children in Pakistan between the ages of 5 and 16 who are not attending school is close to 25 million, and most of them are girls.

Even in the world’s most educated and most powerful countries, public schooling is strained but there are few places in the world where girls and boys have to take such huge risks merely to attend school. Pakistan’s cycle of military and civilian rule has produced a national discourse in which there are disagreements about tremendous things, but there has been one that has been regular throughout: Pakistan’s government and community refuse a decent education to millions of children in the country.

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