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Things to Consider Before Buying an Xbox in Pakistan


Before spending your hard-earned money on a game console, you must first do your homework in order to make sure what you’re buying is what you’re getting. There are a number of things you should keep in mind before going out and buying an Xbox 360. Read on to find out the do’s and don’ts of buying an Xbox 360.


The Xbox 360 was originally launched in November, 2005. Ever since then, several revisions and versions have been released over time. Today, two main variations exist on the market. A Slim version was released in June 2010 that includes a 4 GB or 250 GB drive, a sleek design and built-in Wi-Fi. If you have enough money to spare, the 250 GB variation is a much better investment because a 4 GB drive space would not be enough for your requirements.

The main con of Xbox 360 slim versions is that they don’t feature high definition cables that can be connected to your TV set. They only feature white, yellow and red composite cables. Because of this, you will have to get a separate HDMI cable or Xbox 360 component cable. These can be bought easily for less than PKR 1000 in Pakistan.

Older Models:

You could consider buying an older model if it suits your needs. Older models can be found in configurations of 250 GB, 120 GB, 60 GB and 20 GB. However, these do not feature built-in wifi systems. Before buying an older model of the Xbox 360, make sure to check the date of manufacturing. This can be found on the backside of the console. If the date is relatively recent, you should go ahead and purchase it if it’s in good shape. However, if it is a very old piece, try to avoid it.

Failure Rate:

Xbox 360 unfortunately faces a high failure rate. Earlier, Microsoft used to replace any system that experienced the Red Ring of Death (flashing red lights on the front of the console caused by overheating). With time, these issues have become more and more rare. If you’re purchasing one of the latest models, you don’t need to worry about these issues. However, you should always make sure to keep your system clean to avoid any problems.


Microsoft released a new device for Xbox 360 in 2010 called Kinect. This device allowed users to play games without a controller. You simply had to move your hands in order to play. This went on to be immensely successful. It also lets you video chat with other users in addition to playing games. Kinect is now available for all models of Xbox 360 and can be purchased in Pakistan for less than PKR 15,000.


The Xbox 360 features several safety functions. Parents can set a time limit for how long their children can play games. They can also limit what they can play and with whom.


Xbox 360 price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 30,000 to PKR 60,000 in the market. However, you can buy an Xbox 360 for lower prices at classified advertisement websites such as OLX and Becho Online. Becho Online features a section called ‘Books, Sports and Hobbies’ in which you can find ads of various gaming consoles at reasonable prices.

Pick the one that best suits your needs, keeping in mind your requirements and budget.

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