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What are the best areas to live in Islamabad?

places to live in islamabad

F-6, F-7 Islamabad

Zone 1 of Islamabad is properly maintained and CDA do take great care of it. Sector F-6 and F7 are the part of Zone 1 and are regarded as the best places to live in Islamabad. Ambassadors from various countries choose to stay here. Many foreigners belonging to US, UK, China, and Middle East are currently residing here. One can visit various recreational sites such as Faisal Masjid, Saidpur Village, Super Market and Jinnah Super. Economic zone is in close vicinity too that is Blue Area of Islamabad. It has towers accommodating major IT and telecom companies of Pakistan.

E-7 Islamabad

E7 is again a part of Zone 1. It is situated at the foot of Margalla hills in the neighbourhood of F-7 sector. Japanese park and Islamabad zoo are in the same vicinity. The best thing about living in E11 is the beautiful view of mountains, greenery and peace. Property rates are extremely high here and usually foreigners stay here. But if one wants to take a full advantage of staying in Islamabad, he should prefer to stay in E-7, Islamabad.

F-8, Islamabad

F-8 is another beautiful sector of Islamabad, but its maintenance is often compromised. For example, parks and playing grounds are neglected by CDA. Yet, property rates are high in F-8. There are some good restaurants in the area like China town, Habibi etc. The famous Centaurus Mall of Islamabad also located in its neighbourhood. You can approach F-8 through Margalla road or Islamabad Express highway. It’s in the neighbourhood of F-9 Park also known as Fatima Jinnah Park.

F-10, Islamabad

It is another prominent sector of Islamabad with property rates are relatively less but quality of living is still high. F-10 Markaz has everything to offer that you may want to buy. Restaurant and cafes are in abundance. Pizza Hut, McDonalds are in close vicinity. Al Maroof International Hospital is one of the best hospitals of Pakistan located in F-10 Markaz. F-10 do have some very good towers offering living flats to people. Silver Oaks is one of them; other are Al- Mustafa Tower and Park Tower etc.

E-11, Islamabad

E-11 is another beautiful sector of Islamabad but it is not owned by CDA. It is a private sector with various societies over there such as MPCHS and NPF etc. But wide roads, nice flats, quality restaurants make it a place worth living. Various IT companies are also operating from E11 but, only drawback is the non-availability of public transport. The large campus of Roots international School also attract people to stay there. Various options to live in flats are available such as Khudadad Heights. But if you go in E-11/2 and E-11/3, you can find a lot of other better options.

F-11, Islamabad

F-11 is known for its towers. Near F-11 markaz you will find a lot of them such as Abu-Dhabi towers, Al-Safa Towers, Shughra Towers, Millennium Heights, and Golden Heights etc. Property is relatively cheap and one can easily find an affordable accommodation in the variety of flats. Quality of living is good. Various job and educational facilities are available.

In short, F-Sectors are the best areas to live in Islamabad. They are properly maintained and quality of living is good too with all facilities of life such as education, medical and employment available there.

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  • amal ibadaku

    are foreigners allowed to buy properties in Islamabad, like American or Indonesian ?